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Deciding to release equity from your property is a BIG decision. It shouldn't be taken lightly. And you must seek advice from a qualified professional.

Equity release is a great solution. But its not always the best solution. This is why you need an adviser to assess your situation and recommend if equity release is right for you. We can do this for you.

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If you then decide to apply for equity release, the adviser will make a recommendation, and if you proceed with the recommendation and complete the application process by releasing equity, the charge will be £1495 for the advice. Remember you only pay this if you proceed. If you just want some information and decide not to proceed, you don't need to pay anything to us.

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Do you think Equity Release is ... a "bit dodgy"?

You can be forgiven for thinking equity release is "dodgy" the "next PPI scandal". Because equity release products sold in the past, (I mean decades ago) were'nt up to scratch. i.e the borrowers could end up owing the value of their home and sometimes they were unable to move home etc were the common problems.

However the modern equity release products are different. They are regulated by the FCA and the Equity Release Council has set strict standards which all the members should observe. As a result, equity release products today are almost unrecognisable from the products of the past. This is a great victory for the industry and the consumer.

The good news is equity release products are continuously evolving and getting more and more consumer friendly. Today equity release has become a credible financial/retirement planning tool with many financial advisers.

Is Equity Release right for me?

The answer is , we don't know until we do a thorough analysis of your financial and personal circumstances. This is the job of a independent equity release adviser.

However Equity Release might not be right for you in the following situations:

  • You want 100% of the property value to be passed on to your beneficiaries

  • Your property is in Trust, and the Trust cannot be revoked

  • You are looking to sell your property in the near future

  • You have already seen a qualified independent equity release or a financial adviser who advised against it.

  • You have other alternative ways of raising money such as your own savings and investments.

But its always worth a chat with an expert, as your personal circumstances are likely to change over time.

Ever heard of equity release, lifetime mortgages, or home reversion, and felt completely baffled?

You're not alone! At Equity Release Hub, we're here to help. We understand these terms can be confusing, but unlocking the value of your home doesn't have to be. We'll explain everything in clear, simple terms so you can make informed decisions about your financial future.

Equity Release Hub is your trusted source for clear, unbiased information on equity release and alternative solutions. We help older homeowners make informed decisions about unlocking the value of their homes for a more comfortable retirement.

Our mission is to demystify Equity Release and create awareness of Equity Release as a valuable tool in retirement planning.

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